Mission Statement

To gather like minded, goal oriented, artistic people for a unique experience on the Big Island.

About Us

A visit to Uncle Ians provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the island through a residents eyes. Having access to a lifetimes adventures, skillsets, artistic creations, connections and Hawaiian lifestyle is what we focus on. Staying onsite and enjoying our lifestyle provides you with a unique experience while providing us with fun networking and allowing our recreation to be our day to day routine. We make our time with you as fun as possible since its our day too.

Our Concept

It's simple. Come to Hawaii, live on two acres garden, socialize, travel with companions, create artworks/projects, laugh, smile, and have a unique experience.Our goal is to give you the best trip possible. At Uncle Ian's we welcome you to our home, art studio, farm, garden, and personal sanctuary. We will keep you on your toes with after dark games, adventure outings,art challenges and plenty of wit. Come on over and join the family with the uncle you never knew you had.


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