We offer unique one week stays on our property in Orchidland, Hawaii. During this week you will tap into everything Ian has learned throughout years of exploring, working, and creating. You will engage in two 4-hour creative exercises on the grounds. Creative exercises range from mosaics -our favorite, to natural material projects and photo safaris. Then one adventure day off-property with some fun creative aspects (weather dependent). The remaining free days are yours to adventure as you choose.

A typical experience looks like this:
Sunday: Begin at 2PM - Check In/ Orientation.  (call if other arrangements are required)
Monday: 4-hour Mosaic Workshop *
Tuesday: 4-hour Mosaic Workshop *
Wednesday: 2-hour Mosaic Workshop if needed, otherwise personal free day *
Thursday: Hawaii Adventure Outing - 4 to 8 hour day  (weather dependent)*
Friday: Free day
Saturday: Check Out at 12 noon

 * Creative Workshops, Work Trade, and Hawaii Adventure Outings may be interchanged dependent on weather condition to optimize creative and enjoyable opportunities.

Mosaic Workshops

All our mosaic workshops are done on site in the common area or in Ian's workshop. During my brief time with you I will try to cover everything about mosaics. You will be hands on learning the skills necessary to do mosaics when you return home. We will cover the basic mosaic materials ( glass, tile, stone). Then go over design, tools, substrates, adhesives and finally grouting the finished mosaic. You will be participating in a group project or a small individual project that may be part of a bigger collaboration. Mosaic is a time consuming art form that may take longer to complete than our allotted workshops allow. Either you will stop at a milestone in the project or you are welcome to stay after hours and mosaic your heart out. My primary goal is to instill the mosaic theory and techniques so you can continue to mosaic with confidence.

Creative Exercises

At Uncle Ian's art retreat we like to keep things spontaneous and fun. Many of the creative exercises are done during adventure outings. While traditional mosaic is taught at the retreat, a looser more natural mosaic exist in the natural world. Natural fiber mosaics has always been a favorite way for me to hang out in a beautiful, natural setting and create. Natural fiber mosaics require a bit of scavenging, resourcefulness, and free flow mindset. There is something so humbling about grabbing what the environment provides, creating a unique awesome piece and then walking away from it forever. Remember sandcastles? Luckily some of the island's best sculpting sand is nearby. If we hike to this remote location some sand sculpture creations are in order. Usually a theme or game is involved to keep us focused, challenged and having fun. Sometimes the weather isn't cooperating or we need some entertainment after dark. We have taken a few well known games and altered them to make them our own. These are a fun way to be creative, engaging and bond with your housemates. Sometimes the games are integrated into our creative adventures to spice them up. Above all our goal is to allow you to step into our lifestyle and do , see and create in a way you normally wouldn't. All of these things listed above are so simple as kids, yet we seldom if ever do them as we mature into adults. So come along, let's go the beach, just bring a bucket, shovel and smile:)

Adventure Outings

Adventure outings are trips we take to explore special places on the Big Island. Typical outings are 4-8 hrs in length and may take us to any part of the island. Depending on the destination and weather we will hike, swim, 4x4, create fiber mosaics, sunbathe, visit local sights/ points of interest , shops and eateries.
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